A Thunderbird History
Sangre de Cristo Schools, A History

Every school has its history—the story of how the residents of a community came together to educate the young minds of their children. Whether it started out in an empty building, a jointly funded one, or a two room school house, there is always a beginning.

Mosca and Hooper Schools both started much like that. Because they were so close to each other, contention ran high. It wasn’t until 1959-60 that the two communities came together to have one school district. It was difficult as each school had to overcome their differences and past rivalries between teams, teachers, and academics.

Hooper, the red and white Bulldogs, and Mosca, the purple and yellow Cowboys, were fierce competitors. However, financial troubles and lack of class availability drew them into becoming one district. Neither community wanted the new school to have anything to do with the other’s colors or mascot, and so Sangre de Cristo was born.

Named for the mountain range lining the East side of the Valley, the new school became the home of the Thunderbirds.

Although black and turquoise were the original colors selected, turquoise was too rare to find to supply the school with jerseys, so Columbia Blue became the replacement.

The Hooper School became the elementary and the Mosca School the Jr/Sr High School. The rivalry between Mosca and Hooper died down but it was not until over 50 years later that a new school was built part way between the two communities, bridging them together, instead of having one school in each town.

Now, after 50 years as one district the Mosca and Hooper Schools are finally coming together under one roof. The Sangre de Cristo Thunderbirds at last have one home; a home half way between the communities, representing unity as a whole.

By Christi Risdahl
Class of 2011
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