Sangre de Cristo District Accountability and Advisory Committee
In Colorado, the focus of accountability is at the school/district level. The local accountability committees function as follows:
  • Set prioritization of expenditures of school money
  • Meet at least quarterly
  • Work on means for determining whether decisions affecting the educational process are advancing or impeding student achievement
  • Report educational performance to the public
  • Review safety issues
  • By September 1 of each year adopt high, but achievable goals and objectives for improvement of education in its building and adopt a plan to improve educational achievement in the school, to implement methods of maximizing graduation rates in secondary schools of the district and to increase the rating for the school's accreditation category.
SDC DAAC Members
David Crews, Superintendent
John Stephens, Principal
Ava HoffmanSchool, Counselor
Michelle Mason, Chair
Heather Tillman, Vice Chair
Emily Windhorst, Secretary
Jenene Holcomb
Emily Windhorst
Jenna Mondragon
Brittany Johnson
Sarah Jones
Michelle Mason
Heather Tilman
Jennifer Smead
Our District Accountability and Advisory Committee have set up an educational community portal for people in our community to provide suggestions/ideas that they want to be shared with the committee. The DAAC address is
DAAC Agenda

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